Yousaf Zahir
Computer Science Student @ University of Calgary
Welcome to my website, here are links to some recordings of my personal projects.
These links are intended to be used in conjunction with my resume.


Kingdom of Predators 2024

The Paper can be requested via email.

         A agent-based emergence simulation of a predator-prey ecosystem. The project was made using Unreal Engine 5 and C++ as my final project for CPSC 565: Emergent Computing. In the class, we were taught about emergence and how it can be used to create complex systems from simple rules. We were tasked with coming up with a project that demonstrated the principles of emergence, creating a proposal, and then implementing it. I created Kingdom of Predators with the aim of exploring whether an agent-based simulation could be used to create believable actors to see the viability of using such a system in games and other simulations.

Pathfinder 2022

         This is Pathfinder, a project I made over the summer of 2022 to learn and implement pathfinding algorithms, specifically BFS and DFS. I had learned them for the first time a a year ago or so and had forgotten them over time. So, I came up with a project to work on which would help me practice and understand the algorithms. The project was made using Unity 3D and C#, and I relearned the algorithms using MIT OCW.

KorEscape 2022

The GDD can be requested via email.

         This is KorEscape, a game my group and I made for Art 503 during the Winter semester of 2022. It was made using the Unity Engine and C#. To get a proper breakdown of all the features in the game you can download the game design document from above. All of the programming and implementation (setting up animations, setting up the map layout, etc.) were exclusively my responsibility.

Untitled Unity 3D Game 2021

         This is a game made for the GDN 2021 Game Jam over the course of 4-days that was actively worked on by myself and one other person in Europe who I met online for the purpose of the game jam. We both worked on it remotely using Unity 3D, C# and GitHub. This was my first time working with another person on a game jam as well as working with Unity 3D.

Fallball 2021

         This is a game I made for the Innovators' Jam 2021, a solo game jam with the theme of "can't stop moving". I designed and developed this game over the course of 48 hours using Unity 2D and C#. This was also my first ever game jam.

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